The ASU crew receives very little support from Arizona State University.   We are not part of the Athletic Department and receive no Athletic Department funding.  Aside from funds raised by Arizona Collegiate Rowing Foundation, the crew continue to be almost exclusively student-funded. 

As we strive towards tougher and larger competitions, we need more equipment and ways to train for, travel to, and enter races. With a continuously growing crew, our needs rise and change. For example, some of our more pressing needs for the 2017/2018 year include:

  • Heavyweight Men’s Pair
  • Coxswain Boxes
  • Rowing Equipment: Oars/ Oar Handles/ Rudders
  • Tools and Hardware
  • Equipment and Team Transportation (Most Regattas are Out of State)

While we know that money is tight everywhere, we do know that even a little, when added together, can make a tremendous impact! Please help support ASU rowing in whatever way you can! Thank you!

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