Coaching Staff

Imran Malik - Head Coach

Imran Malik started rowing at Stone Bridge High School '12 in Ashburn, VA. After just one short month however, he decided it wasn't for him and continued his passion for musical theatre. After starting school at Arizona State University 16', he joined the crew team on an impulse and never looked back. Imran has also rowed for Rio Salado's Masters team, medaling 1st in a single and second in a quad at Regionals.
For the past two years, Imran has been coaching Tempe Town Lake Rowing Juniors, where he fell in love with being a mentor to those around him. He hopes to take ASU Rowing to a whole new level and be the coach that the team deserves.
Aside from coaching, Imran is a video editor at iMemories, using his skills from his recent degree in Arts and Media Engineering.

Brittany Rapp - Head Coach