This Week

It’s the final countdown and we are putting on the pressure. Our travel arrangements are in order for WIRA: the team will be flying to Sacramento while the coaches take the trailer. Should be a fun 12-hour drive! We will keep you updated on our progress. Coaches just posted our workouts for the week and they look intense. We’ll show you what it looks like in case you want to try it out. Hopefully our competitors aren’t spying and trying to one-up us.

Tuesday 4/16:
Land- jumpies X 150 , pushups X 50 , planks 3x2 mins
Water- Hard SS, 3X20 mins
P1: 20,22,24,28
Rest 7 mins
P2: 24,26,28,32
Rest 7 mins
P3: 24,28,32, Race Pace

Cycle out and dock

Weds 4/17:
Land: Jumpies X 100, Pushups X 50
Water: Tech Day, Race warm up, + catch drills and short builds - Dock 30 mins early
Land: group stretch, 2K plans, boat meetings 

Thurs 4/18: 
Land: 2K Test, 3 flights for 2K, launch boats immediately afterwards
Water: 2 X20 mins, cycle out at 18,20,22 concentrating on catches and send

Friday 4/19: 
Land: Jumpies X 100, Pushups X 75 
Water: 4 X 2500 
1P- 20,22,24,28 
Rest 7 mins
2P- Race Start, High 30, settle at 30
Rest 7 mins
3P- Race Start, High 20, settle at race pace, 
last 500 38 spm
Rest 7 mins
4P- Race Start, Full race plan, last 250 full sprint
Cycle out and dock

Saturday: 1st half, tech + race plan - 2 X 2K at race plan full WIRA prep

No doubt, we will be some worn out rowers by Saturday. Next week we will begin to taper off. We are de-rigging and driving the boat up on Thursday.

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