Recent News

We are really into it now. Practices are amping up in intensity and we are zeroing in on WIRA. Two weekends ago we traveled to Newport Beach, CA for the Women’s Berg Cup and Men’s Newport Regatta. We surprised people out there from how well we performed - as usual they weren’t expecting a team from the desert to row so well. Our Men’s V4+ placed second in their event, only beat by UC Santa Barbara, and out Men’s N4+ clutched a gold medal victory.

Since that weekend we have been working harder than ever. We realize just how well we can do at WIRA and we are excited to race a few of the same teams as well as some we have not raced yet. WIRA will take place in Sacramento on April 28th.

We are looking for help in funding for the race as well as into the next month for ACRA. We are also actively looking for new recruits for the team for the fall season. This year is marking a big change to become a more well-established team that gives some serious competition - we are well on our way so far.

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